Glass production for Boats & Boating

San Rocco Vetro is a company specialized in the production of curved glass, spherical glass, double glazing, anti-fog heated glass, laminated laminated glass. Thanks to its twenty-year experience in mold bending, San Rocco Vetro is able to temper and bend multi-spherical and spherical glass, reaching up to the smallest 50 mm radius.

San Rocco Vetro has two horizontal molds that allow bending glass without stapling, without aesthetic defects, with the lowest tolerances on the world market :  +/- 1.25 mm on the curve.

San Rocco Vetro is active in the production of glass for furniture and design with these characteristics .......

San Rocco specializes in the production of flat and curved glass with dynamic curvatures for boating and for pleasure boats and large dimensions.

The glasses are customized for any type of boat such as superyachts, motoryachts, sailboats, small yachts;

We produce glass for boats as:

  • windscreen
  • flat and curved screen-printed side windows
  • walled glass
  • non-slip walk-on glasses
  • tempered and coupled glasses
  • Vetro Curvo Sidebar Slider
  • Vetro Curvo Sidebar Slider2
  • Vetro Curvo Sidebar Slider3
  • Vetro Curvo Sidebar Slider4
  • Vetro Curvo Sidebar Slider5
  • Vetro Curvo Sidebar Slider6
  • Vetro Curvo Sidebar Slider7
  • Vetro Curvo Sidebar Slider8

Among our main products are:

  • Flat Glass
  • Linear Curved Glass
  • Radial Curved Glass
  • Spherical Glass
  • Flat Glass
  • Chambered Curved Glass
  • Flat and Curved Laminated Glass
  • Glass Doors
  • Glass Tables Mirrors
  • Display Cases
  • Teche
  • Metal Accessories



Among the countless productions, it boasts of special products such as:

  • Silk-Screened Glass
  • Heated Anti-Fog Glass


In particular, the latter has allowed us to become a leading company in anti-fogging technology ...

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