Productive process

Raw material:

The glass classified and divided by color and thickness


  • Cut
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Bonding
  • Laser Engraving
  • Serigraphy
  • Tempering
    • Curvature
  • Assembling
  • Packaging / Logistics


The first phase, we obtain what will represent the finished product from a plate of 6000mm x 3200mm with numerical control machinery.


The next step is to file the edges of the glass, defining the dimensions of the product.
This phase can be performed on various machines with various grinding settings, all numerically controlled

  • round polished edge: the edge is rounded and polished, the degree of processing is high;
  • flat polish ededge: the edge is glossy and perpendicular to the surface but the joint is chamfered at 45°; here too there is a high degree of processing;
  • raw thread: like the shiny thread, with the exception that the edge is not shiny but opaque and has a great rugosity;
  • bevelling: the edges of the glass are ground for 10-40 mm in height at an angle of about 7 degrees from the glass surface;


This phase consists in drilling the glass, if requested by the customer for various uses, with a double-head drill with numerical control with appropriate diamond tips of various sizes, and it is refrigerated with a continuous jet of water.


In San Rocco Vetro we have the possibility, thanks to qualified people and appropriate equipment to glue and assemble glass, for example for bullet in boards or small tables etc.

Laser Engraving

This phase, if necessary, serves to direct any thermal conduction to heat the glass, or it can also be used for any kind of decorations on any type of thickness and glass thanks to a CNC machine with a max working size of 2500x1300.


The screen printing is the "color of the glass", if requie as an a esthetic product, or it can be realized for the conduction of electricity to heat the glass with special paints, using "silk-screen" frames with drawings requested by the customer.

Tempering & Bending

The phase that has always characterized the San Rocco Vetro, is undoubtedly the Tempering and Bending of the glass, thanks to the use of 3 ovens and specialized technicians, a flat glass oven and two ovens for bending glass with many possibilities. of radii, developments, angles, spherical, conical glasses, we have a depth of curvature (arrow) up to 30 cm, the possibility of creating glasses with Radius 50, and make spherical and conical glasses without defects of any kind, without distortions and inaccuracies with tolerances of 1.25mm


This phase is the last in the chain, where we have the possibility to assemble the glass, then make room, flat, curved, spherical glasses with special machinery and qualified personnel, or create laminated glass thanks to an oven dedicated only to this procedure.

Packaging & Logistics

In San Rocco Vetro we pay the utmost attention to the products of our customers, we carefully pack our products in sturdy packaging and suitable for transport on wheels and air so as to ensure that the product arrives in excellent conditions minimizing the risks of breakage due transport and handling.