San Rocco Glass

SanRocco Vetro is a leading company in the production of special glass elements for refrigeration, architecture, automotive and nautical systems. Our strengths are research and craftsmanship, aware of the fact that innovation, to be effective, requires great dexterity and experience that only time can give. The love for precision and attention to detail has allowed us to become a leading company in the sector; to date, we supply over 70% of companies that deal with refrigeration devices. We have always used valid and skilled collaborators, able to satisfy all customer requests ith competence and kindness. To stay a headt of time our staff takes improvement trainings and updates, for a more specific and targeted competence.
We pay particular attention to the realization of original and highly personalized projects.
Contact us and submit your project to us; our technicians will take care of the production, thanks to a specific production and assembly line for customized projects.

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What we do - Production of glasses and crystals

We specialize in the production of curved glass , spherical glass, glazing , anti-fog heated, glass for negative refrigerators, laminated glass .

Thanks to our twenty-year experience in glass mold bending, we at San Rocco Vetro can temper and bend Multi-Ray glasses

And spherical ... Up to the smallest radius 50 mm.

According to us, a radius of 50 mm is a perfect radius to give a very good visibility given that shorter spokes have a distortion effect that conditions the end user in the choice of the product.

SanRocco Vetro has 2 horizontal molds that allow bent glass to be bent without a esthetic defects, with the lowest tolerances on the world market: +/- 1.25 mm on the curve.

These glasses can be used not only in commercial refrigeration, but also in shower boxes, in pellet stoves, in furnishing etc ...

Another company specialty is to produce anti-fog heated glass.

Glasses that allow to solve the problem of condensation caused by the temperature difference between the refrigerator and the external environment. 

The heated glass is a glass of low emissivity to which the silkscreen printing of silver paste is applied, which, when electrified, brings the glass to a temperature of 35 °.

These glasses can be either curved or flat, or made of glass or laminated glass.

In fact, the company has a specific team of glass coupling in a curved chamber or flat with 10 qualified operators

The company does everything internally, without the need to send glass outside of the plant , thus avoiding the possibility of damaging the raw material.

Cutting-grinding- screen printing -laser cutting-bending- drilling etc etc

Curved Glass Production

After cutting the large sheets of glass,and after any eventual drilling and hot screen printing (the color is petrified and tempered during the bending so that it is impossible to remove from the glass).. The glass is inserted into our ovens, brought to 700 °, curved with a male and female mold and at the end of the process, put under very strong fans that make it temperate.
Our tempering process respects the, EN1250 certifications they want in case of breakage, 40 pieces in 5 cm2. Called security glass..
Each curved glass of the San Rocco is checked one by one by means of passing passes, no tension checks and vacuuming (........ putting tolerances on the site)
The company owns more than 250 molds to give the widest possible choice of models to its customers.

Even the molds are produced and modified internally by qualified personnel.

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